The Zaballos Foundation is pleased to announce that it has signed a collaboration agreement with one of the institutions that makes one of the biggest contributions in terms of the transmission of values related to the world of sports: the Jero García Foundation.

Providing scholarships to over 30 children and young people, the Jero García Foundation is a personal initiative of the ex-professional boxer and Spanish champion in boxing, kickboxing and full contact Jerónimo García , with the fundamental objective of aiding integration through sports and fighting actively against school bullying. Based on the values of sport and, particularly, on the cornerstones of boxing: sacrifice, respect and dedication, the foundation also focuses on other values such as equality, group-belonging, communication and the importance of having a goal in order to fight against drug use by young people, demotivation and the indifference shown by many young people nowadays. At the same time, it provides academic support, as one of the Foundation’s main mottos, in the words of Jero himself, is: “If you’re not studying, you’re not boxing”.

The Zaballos Foundation and the Jero García Foundation thus embark on a collaboration that will bring together both organizations in projects and actions that are in line with their purposes and objectives.

The collaboration agreement was signed at the headquarters of the Zaballos Foundation In Madrid, attended by the General Secretary of the Zaballos Foundation, Rocío Pérez Cuesta, and Jero García.



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