The Zaballos Foundation is pleased to announce its close collaboration with one of the associations that has long been fighting on a voluntary and pro bono basis against all types of social inequalities.

For over 30 years, Pilar Aural has led this voluntary association, which was founded in the 1980s as part of the "Mothers against drugs"movement in the Orcasitas neighborhood in Madrid. After all this time, and with a great deal of effort and dedication, it continues to be a fantastic popular initiative that helps people and families at risk of social exclusion, reaching where other institutions, unfortunately, cannot reach.

The Zaballos Foundation has now also joined this humanitarian work, and you can also collaborate in different ways: by providing non-perishable staple foods, by helping out as a volunteer, handing out clothes and food with a smile on your face, or acting as part of a corporation with volunteers, spreading awareness about the association’s events or collaborating in charity campaigns. For one of the pioneering humanitarian associations in the Community of Madrid, no help is too small.

You can obtain further information about the association and the projects and actions that it undertakes on its WEBSITE..

In recent days, The agreement was signed by Emilia Zaballos, President of the Zaballos Foundationhas visited the facilities of the Pato Amarillo Association and has been able to see the fantastic humanitarian work carried out by Pilar Aural and the rest of the volunteers each and every day, on a totally pro bono and disinterested basis.


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