The Zaballos Foundation is pleased to announce that it has signed a collaboration agreement with one of the institutions most required by today’s society to contribute to improving the living conditions of millions of people across the world: the Parolu Foundation.

The Parolu Foundation provides the necessary tools to reduce the unemployment rate among people with a high level of illiteracy and people from countries with a poor economic situation, offering them a better future through different programs such as teaching illiterate people to read and write, teaching universal languages to people in unfavorable economic situations, or offering support in the employment search for those who have completed any of the Foundation’s programs.

The collaboration between the Zaballos Foundation and the Parolu Foundation is a turning point in the life of both institutions, representing the start of the joint implementation and development of different projects that are in line with the objectives and purpose of both Foundations to promote the development of people and groups who need support.

For more information about the projects and actions of the Parolu Foundation, and to contribute to its cause, please visit its website:

The agreement was signed by Emilia Zaballos, President and Founder of the Zaballos Foundation, formaliza la firma del convenio.

On behalf of the Parolu Foundation, it was signed by its President, Renco Niek Jean Brouwer.


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