The The mission of the Zaballos Foundation for the Defense of Constitutional Rights  is to promote, encourage, participate and engage in all types of social initiatives in the legal field  and, in general, to ensure the enjoyment of the rights established in the Spanish Constitution, in order to promote and develop a fairer society. We promote programs in the areas of education, justice, society, politics, and culture for the defense and application of Human Rights, to advocate for victims and their rights. Our objective is to develop training and work experience programs in the field of Human Rights.

We disseminate, defend and promote the principles of Universal Jurisdiction and International Justice  through continuous advocacy work and, with the aim of developing the necessary mechanisms to combat impunity, both at national and international levels, as well as to initiate, develop and promote judicial proceedings that entail the practical application of these principles in any part of the world.

We promote mutual knowledge and active collaboration   with institutions, bodies, and organizations in areas affecting Human Rights and legal certainty.

In accordance with its By-laws, the Zaballos Foundation for the Defense of Constitutional Rights has the following founding objectives::

  •  The defense of constitutional rights (in forums, all types of media, by participating in debates, conferences, press articles, in both general and individual cases).

  •  To organize activities and services related to Law,focused on research and study with both national and international applications.

  •  To develop training activities aimed at the knowledge and practice of different Laws of the Spanish nation and other countries.

  •  To promote teaching and research, in any forum, of all Laws, both nationally and internationally.

  •  To lead internships, seminars, talks, meetings, and conferences focused on the knowledge, research, and practice of Law.

  •  The promotion and mediation of patronageand sponsorship activities.

  •  The organization and coordination of any event related to the training and consultancy activities to be developed.

  •  The design, layout, and binding of books, magazines, brochures, and general press, whether regularly published or not, as well as all kinds of commercial advertising, on paper format or otherwise, including electronically.