At the Zaballos Foundation we would like to announce the resounding success of the organization of the charity festival #Coronafest held on 29 March as one example of our collaboration and solidarity with those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In collaboration with the El Deporte de Ellas y Ellos Association,, #Coronafest was the result of several small contributions by companies and individuals who have provided their disinterested collaboration to mitigate, as far as possible, the effects of the terrible times that we are experiencing as a result of the global emergency situation.

The amount collected thanks to these small contributions has been devoted entirely to the Madrina Foundation, a not-for-profit institution that dedicates all its efforts to assisting and protecting the most vulnerable children and their mothers against social, educational, and labor exclusion, as well as to the Viena Capellanescompany, which is carrying out excellent work on a totally free and pro bono basis, serving breakfasts and lunches to patients and healthcare workers who are currently working at IFEMA in Madrid, as well as at other healthcare facilities.

At the Zaballos Foundation, we will continue to promote the work in which we are engaged, providing continuous support to families and groups who need protection, such as minors and women at risk of social exclusion and, more specifically, raising awareness of the multiple needs that are arising, both for individuals and for institutions, as a result of the serious healthcare and economic crisis that we are currently experiencing.

We would like to transmit all our support to the healthcare staff, public bodies, the State security forces and the thousands and thousands of people and small organizations, just like us, who are doing their bit to help in any way possible at this complicated time.

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